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Have you noticed leaks in the roof of your metal building? Cracks, weak joints or peeling paint on your exterior block walls? Are you worried that your log or brick structures have been damaged by the elements? At Ray's Protective Coating Inc., we have a variety of waterproofing solutions that will ease your worry and save you costly repairs and damages in the future.

One of the most important steps in adding a waterproof coating to any building or material is certainly the preparation process. If you have a metal roof, we begin by blasting the surface clean with 4,000 p.s.i. water pressure, removing all dirt, dust and rust scale. Then if rust is present, we apply a rust inhibitive primer to the prepared surface. We then follow by sealing all the seams and fasteners with a tough urethane sealant. The roof is now watertight. We then follow by applying 2 coats elastomeric coating to protect the metal and sealant from further weathering. This process usually comes with a 10 year leak-free warranty based on the condition of the roof. Our experienced crew at Ray's Protective Coating is equipped with the pressure washers and spray equipment needed to do the job efficiently and have an excellent eye for precise and detailed application.

For cement block buildings, the old loose paint is blasted off, mildew is treated and killed, missing mortar is replaced, cracks filled, expansion joints sealed, then 2 coats of heavy bodied elastomeric waterproofing coating is spray applied and back rolled to completely seal the water and moisture out. This dries out the wall, lowers humidity in the building, stops the mildew growth, stops the cold air drafts, and saves energy

We also use a variety of waterproofing stains for log and wood structures which prolongs its life and prevent moisture from penetrating the wood and rotting it from the inside out. In the harsh winter weather, this is particularly important to protect your investment.

On brick buildings, we apply clear sealers to reduce the absorption and penetration of rainwater into and through the brick. At Ray's Protective Coatings, we use breathable silane or siloxane water based coatings that have a 7+ year life cycle, whereas many other name brand clear silicone based coatings have marginal performance even when applied every year.

So as the season progresses, make sure your commercial building is fully waterproofed for the upcoming winter months. We invite you to contact us at Ray's Protective Coating to receive a quote and protect your investment for years to come.